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My wife and I had exhausted all our resources, going from doctor to doctor, getting so many conflicting diagnosis's and treatments, of which none of them were helping.  We found out about Geri and shared with her the diagnosis's all the doctor's were giving and all the meds she was taking that was not helping.  So, she came to our house, got us organized so we could know what the next step was.  We then acted upon the recommendations Geri had set for us.  Finally, after jumping through hoops, we finally got to the right doctor for the right diagnosis, and after treatment began, my wife could function again with her daily life.  She is now back to work, living life again, thanks to Geri for not taking no for an answer and getting us the help we needed. 


I was taking care of my newly invalid/bed patient father at home, 24/7, and didn't know how to do anything for him.  I did not have any help, and didn't know where to get any.  My father was an independent man when he went into the hospital and an invalid when we left the hospital.  We were sent home without any help or assistance from home health, physical therapy or sitters.  Once I met Geri, she helped me find the right equipment I needed like a hospital bed, etc., taught me how to care for my father and all his equipment, even his catheter.  She assisted me to all his doctors appointments,and directed me to the steps I needed to take to get the help my father and I needed.  For Instance, physical therapy, home health and occupational therapy help.  I promised my dad I wouldn't put him in a nursing home and I was going to live up to that promise, but if it hadn't of been for Geri, I would not have been able to do that.  My father was 100 pounds when he became a bed patient, and because of Geri teaching me how to care for him, my father did not have one bedsore on him.  She taught me one on one care for him; how to bath, turn, transfer, feed and support him in the bed.  He still had full range of motion when he passed after many months in the bed.  Geri saved my promise to my daddy.