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When you have come to your wits-end and feel you have nowhere else to turn to get the healthcare answers you need, Peace of Mind HealthCare Advocate (POM) owned and operated by Geri Boyd can help you get those answers. 
  1. With 28 plus years of medical experience, Geri, your POM healthcare advocate is familiar with the medical system and knows how to work through it safely and successfully, and knows how to coach patients and their families through a very confusing healthcare system.  By informing clients of what is happening and why, understanding and explaining the disease process and the healthcare standard-of-care, going over treatment plans, medications, dietary needs, lab values and test results, POM can help clients make better healthcare decisions, saving them much frustration and partial decision making.    POM can assist clients to doctors’ visits, and/or help clients prepare for doctors’ visits, teaching them to ask the appropriate questions and showing them how to get the answers they need.  They will also assist in teaching you one on one how to care for your invalid loved one at home with all the basic care needs addressed. The following are a list of some of the services your Peace Of Mind Healthcare Advocate will provide:            
  • ¬  Sitting by a hospital, nursing home or rehab bedside in ALL critical and non-critical settings           
  • ¬  Training family members on how to advocate for the sick            
  • ¬  Educate the in-home care-giver for an invalid patient at home            
  • ¬  Organize medical records            
  • ¬  Schedule and coordinate appointments            
  • ¬  Find local and online support groups            
  • ¬  Guidance with tough legal and health decisions            
  • ¬  Living will forms            
  • ¬  Power of Attorney forms            
  • ¬  Organ donor teaching            
  • ¬  End-of-life decisions       

¬  Find the best care and treatment for every patient          

¬  Researching a patient’s diagnosis and finding the best treatment options            

¬  Bringing families together on decisions to make sure the patient gets what they want and need.            

¬  Communicate with families of and changes in treatment or medical diagnosis            

¬  Assist with decisions concerning hospice, nursing home, skilled facility, home care, home health CHF,

- B/P, Diabetes management

- Help gather needed medical supplies            

- Geriatric care management consist of assessing and coordinating life care needs for older patients facing challenges in daily living such as memory loss, loss of mobility or caring for a spouse.

- Resources for help with Alzheimer's patients at home.

- Companion Care

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