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 We at Peace of Mind take care giving very seriously and this is a letter sent to clients and their families to let them know we are doing all we can do to take care of their loved ones or themselves  

                               “PLEASE remind caregiver to WASH THEIR HANDS if they forget.”

Dear Peace of Mind (POM) client, family and friends,                         3-19-20

 POM would like to address any concerns that you might have concerning the importance that we are taking in dealing with the coronavirus and are taking this very serious with training of every caregiver for precautions, learning the signs and symptoms of the virus, what the protocols are and what to do if any of them does have a sign or symptom.

 First, let’s review the signs and symptoms, with some of the major S/S being:

Cough, sometimes dry hacking
Shortness of breath

If a caregiver exhibits these, they have been instructed to call into work and then be seen by an urgent care, ER or their regular physician along with a pass for them to work or not work.

They have also been instructed in this regards: If they decide to go out of town into an area where there is coronavirus, other than going to your clients home, only to care for them or  have visitors to their home, they will be required to go through a triage regimen to make sure they have NOT contracted this virus.

If they call in or need to leave the job for a fever and shortness of breath or any of the signs and symptoms of this virus they WILL HAVE to be cleared by a facility that they do not have the coronavirus, but rather it might be an ear infection, strep etc, before they can come back to work.

Other areas of education and training are:

Wash hands
Don't touch face, eyes or nose

Cough inside shirt or elbow but never on raw hands

Clean PHONES nearly as much as you wash your hands

Once in clients home, don't take anything they don't need into the home and immediately wash their hands before touching anything, wash them with everything they do and then wash their hands before they leave.

Practice social isolation and distancing as much as possible

Concerning client’s responsibility:

Caregivers need to be made aware if the client has traveled into an area that has the virus

Alert caregivers if client has family, friends visiting from these areas and watch for S/S of virus  

Rest assured, POM is doing everything we can to keep everyone safe and healthy.  May God bless each one of you our clients, our caregivers and families. We WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!

Respectfully and sincerely,
Geri Boyd, RN- Paramedic Owner/ Operator of Peace of Mind HealthCare Advocate Services LLCType your paragraph here.