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Geri, pronounced Gary, a Registered Nurse-Paramedic, has been in the medical field since 1987.  Her specialties include: ICU Intensive Care Unit; ER- Emergency Room Nurse; EMT-Paramedic Ambulance Service; MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) on Ambulance; Chief Flight Nurse of Air Ambulance; Trained Paramedics and RN’s in flight air ambulance; Flight Nurse on helicopters and airplanes; Telemetry/Medical/Surgical RN; Skilled Care Nurse at a skilled facility; Nursing Home and medical clinic nurse; Maximum Security Prison RN; Travel Nurse for 10 years; CPR Instructor; Instructor at Jackson State Community College EMT-Paramedic Program and Hall Ambulance Service Paramedic Program.  
With 28 plus years of medical experience, Geri, your POM healthcare advocate is familiar with the medical system and helps you to work through it efficiently and productively.  Geri’s pride in her profession stems from her genuine compassion for her patients and their families. She is consistent in putting patients first. They are her motivation for providing assistance in this area of health maintenance and each person-representing POM is a patient advocate first, above all else. When your questions and needs out-number your answers and resources and you need to turn to someone for those healthcare answers, Peace of Mind HealthCare Advocate Services (POM) owned and operated by Geri Boyd Registered Nurse RN, EMT-Paramedic can help you get those answers. When you don't know where else to turn, POM ‘CARES ABOUT THE CARE YOU RECEIVE’ at home or in a medical facility. 
CARING ABOUT THE CARE YOU RECEIVE! We believe in personalized care tailored to your healthcare concerns and needs. 
To schedule an appointment, please call: 731-924-9249